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Introducing ID(ea), a peer group dedicated to advancing the practice of instructional design.

Are you seeking to grow as an ID? It’s a fast-changing domain—and one that attracts career-changers, tech geeks, and all-around lifelong learners. As IDs, we never run out of tools to master and skills to learn. Bootcamps, how-to videos, and trial software subscriptions abound. You don’t have to navigate it all on your own!

This new ATDChi initiative is open to anyone looking to grow in designing and developing instruction for adult learners. Whether you are an expert ID, aspire to be one, or simply wear many L&D hats, a community of practice could be your path to leveling up. Plus, sharing good (ID)eas is just fun!

Interested? Read on for details and a sign-up link.

What is a community of practice (CoP)? It’s a group formed specifically for the goal of sharing and building collective knowledge of a particular domain. It’s an age-old idea and a (fairly) recently coined term. If you’ve studied adult learning theory, you probably read Wenger’s theories on CoPs.  graphic below sums up the purpose pretty well:

Image credit: Giulia Forsythe, Flickr (Public Domain)

What are the specific goals of this CoP?

  • Provide support, share best practice, and inform each other of opportunities, resources, and models within the instructional design field.
  • Encourage a sense of belonging among our community members—and, by extension, the chapter—by offering a safe place to explore new tools and techniques.
  • Provide a social network for chapter professionals in any occupation who are interested in building their instructional design skills and knowledge.

    How will the community come together?

    This is a virtual CoP, because we live all over Illinois (and even some bordering states). The plan is to build the group through both asynchronous and synchronous means. Our asynchronous sharing will take place on Slack, and topical monthly meetings will take place via Zoom or Teams.

    What will the content be like?

    The nature of a CoP is that content is not pre-programmed but instead reflects members' interests and knowledge base. Certainly, we’ll have spaces dedicated to introductions, announcements, and job or mentorship opportunities. We’ll also invite members to propose agendas for our scheduled monthly sessions. These might include tech-tool updates, workflow improvements, design challenges, portfolio guidance, and workshopping opportunities.

      Currently, we’re seeking volunteers to help shape this initiative for an April 1 launch. If you’re passionate about instructional design and want to contribute, click the button below.

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