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For Students 

What is the field of Talent Development?

The field of Talent Development is also referred to as Training and Development, Workplace Learning and Performance Improvement, and Organizational Development.

In this profession, job roles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Identify and analyze opportunities for individual and organizational improvement
  • Design and develop interventions, such as training programs, e-learning applications, coaching, and job aids, to exploit these opportunities to improve performance
  • Implement these interventions, monitoring and adjusting as needed
  • Evaluate the outcomes from interventions to verify desired outcomes are being achieved, and to identify additional opportunities for performance improvement.

How does ATDChi support students?

A part of ATDChi's mission is to bring new energy into the Talent Development Profession and to develop the future generation of Talent Development professionals. That is why ATDChi offers tremendous support for students.

Student Discounts

Student Member is $45.00 (USD) per year compared to a regular membership of $99 per year.

Student have an opportunity to register for ATDChi events with significant discounts. ATDChi hosts numerous professional development events thought out the year.


ATDChi's Dr. Deborah Colky Workplace Learning and Performance Student Award recognizes an exceptional graduate or undergraduate student in the Workplace Learning and Performance Profession.

Expanding Your Network

ATDChi also provides opportunities for students to find a Mentor within the organization.

As a student member of ATDChi, you will be able to access the Members Directory to be able to connect with the best professionals in the field residing in the Chicagoland area.

You will also be eligible to use our Career Center to view the latest job opportunities to which you can apply through our website. 

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