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Corporate or Group Membership

Save more with corporate membership!

Group membership allows organizations to invest in the professional development of three or more employees with a significant discount. To enjoy this discount, all members must be part of the same organization, joining at the time when the membership is initially purchased with a corporate discount rate.

You will never lose your investment. If an original member leaves the group they can join separately, individual membership rates apply. Then, the group administrator can add another person from the company during the remaining term.

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Online Processing 
One group member will become the account administrator for the entire group. Your organization is in control and able to manage the bundle by adding, removing and updating members directly into the system as soon as the payment is complete. Additional members are added through the original administrator's profile page. The group administrator profile can be transferred to another person within the group, if needed. 
Group Membership Instructions

Larger Sized Groups

Depending on the size of your group, you might be able to reduce the cost per person even lower than rates displayed on this page. If you are unable to process your group with the options listed below, please email for specific pricing and details to process your request.


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